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Now, A Word From Kristen

| September 05, 2017

We here at Petra do a lot of things.  That may sound trite, but with a few clicks around our new website you can see the many services we provide.  And, if you sit down with Jim or Jason here at the office, you likely won’t see the bottom of your coffee mug without better understanding the passionate “why” that drives us to offer these services.  But, for this post, I want to let you in on part of the “how” we do the things we do and the ways they relate to you.

I was hired with the title of Administrative Assistant alongside Anne.  What this really means is that it is our duty to use foresight.  We must do this in order to look at the calendar to set appointments and events.  We must think ahead and know what paperwork will be needed for those appointments.  Anne and I consider the goals Jim and Cheryl have set for the company and think ahead to the marketing strategies that will help realize those goals.  For lack of a better term – Anne and I are professional planners. We plan ahead in these areas so that Jim and Jason are freed up to plan ahead in regard to your financial future.

Can you see a theme here?  Planning for the future is the underlying current to all that we do for our clients.

It only seemed natural to use this mindset to create a digital booklet to help our clients use their foresight and organize important facets of their lives – areas which will one day become their estate.  In other words, we have created a space where you can become the professional planner of your estate today so that in the future it is ready for your loved ones.  The title of this guide is, “Getting it Together… Estate Organizer”.  If you or someone you know could use assistance in organizing the important aspects of your lives (and really, who couldn’t?), let us know in the Contact section of our website or mention it in your next meeting at the office. 

We place such importance on estate planning that in the meantime we will be writing monthly blog posts that feature and explore various chapters of our organizer and why they are paramount in…getting it together!