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Estate Organizer: My Personal Information

Estate Organizer: My Personal Information

| October 09, 2017

Back in September, Kristen wrote a blog post about the importance of estate planning and that we have created a digital guide to aid in that process titled, “Getting it Together…Estate Organizer.”  Today I would like to discuss the first section of our organizer which is all about your personal information.

It may seem unnecessary to harp on the fact that in the event of an emergency or the unfortunate circumstance of a death, your loved ones need your personal information.  However, are you certain that those closest to you have memorized all of the pertinent information that may be necessary or desired in times like those?

I don’t simply mean your name, date of birth and phone number, although those are important.  I am referring to a layer or two deeper like your maiden name, place of birth and voicemail password.  These examples show that when it comes to getting organized there is more than meets the eye.

Overwhelmed yet?  You don’t have to be.  This first “chapter” of our organizer helps you consider these deeper layers of your personal information and provides a space for you to record what you deem necessary.

Let’s consider the topic of your family tree.  Unless you have taken time to discuss all of your family connections with say, your grandchildren, they may not know their relation to, or much at all about Aunt Sally.  The following page is a sample from our organizer which allows you to give more details about those related to you.  This priceless information is stored in one location for your family to cherish for decades to come.

Something seemingly as basic as personal information can be overwhelming for loved ones to access in case of an emergency or a death.  To have all of this information in one secure place can greatly reduce their burden in a likely already stressful situation.

Should you want to begin the process of gathering your important life information, ask us how to receive a USB drive with our fillable PDF organizer pre-loaded.  In the meantime, check back here on our blog where we will continue to discuss what it looks like to get your estate together!

Until next time, cheers!